My expertise

Expertise of translation techniques and terminology. Expertise of English. Use of documentaries and terminological resources. Collaboration with the translation subscribers. Evaluation of assistance tools for translation and terminology. Collaboration avec les demandeurs de traduction. Evaluation des outils d’aide à la traduction et à la terminologie.

My scientific path

Freelance Translator Biochemist Education ¨ Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Phytopathology (1996) ¨ DEA in Metabolic Biochemistry (1984) ¨ Master of Biochemistry, option in bacteriology and toxicology (1983) ¨ License in Cellular Physiology (1982) ¨ License in Biochemistry, option genetic and virology (1981) ¨ DEUG B , Life Sciences (1980) Experience Since 2006 Freelance translator. I started my own new business in translation and proof reading, specialized in life sciences. I’m currently looking for any business opportunities. I’m offering: Services – Translation of documents linked to scientific and technical usage. – Proofing of documents translated by internal team or contractors. – Perform prompt terminological or systematic searches. Competences – Expertise of technical translation and terminology. – Expertise of the use of documentaries and terminological resources. – Collaboration with translation subscribers. – Evaluation of assistance tools for translation and terminology. – Use of all available CAT tools 1989-2006 Lableader with Syngenta Crop Protection AG (formerly, Sandoz AG and Novartis AG). – Elucidation of new modes of action of molecules – Purification, discovery, selection and of new potential protein targets – Development of new enzymatic tests and their miniaturization – Purification of peptides and proteins for crystallography and High Throughput Screenings – Implementation of site directed High Throughput Screenings – Elucidation of Moa’s in cooperation with Chemistry of Structure-Activity Relationship Management of a research laboratory (up to 5 associate scientists): coordination of internal as well as external research projects. Integration of young scientists into the team (post-docs, DESS, post-graduates) Permanent formation of my team with updated techniques Create and lead a project – Proof of concept – setting the milestones for each member of my team – regular update of the SWOT’s – Defence of projects in decisional meetings – interdisciplinary teamwork Collaboration with Chemistry, Biology Bioinformatics, Health assessment and Regulatory affairs Project (IPD). Elucidation of biological activity of the PR-1 proteins and structure characterization in collaboration with Pr K.Wüthrich (ETH, Zurich ). In agreement with the company, this work allowed me to obtain a Ph.D. 1994-1995 One year exchange scientist in the US Research Centre (Palo-Alto). I worked on the purification of a new target for crop protection compounds and in the implementation of a toxicological assay. For my work, I received the 1995 Lumiere Award. 1987-1989 Two years as post-graduate with Ciba, under the supervision of Dr. H-P Schär and Dr. Scheidegger ( Basel ). – Implementation of enzymatic assays in amino acid biosynthesis – Screening of inhibitors – Purification to homogeneity and N-terminal sequencing of plant enzymes Technical Protein Biochemistry : FPLC, AKTA, Biacore, 2D electrophoresis, spectrophotometry, radiolabelling, enzymology, conventional and affinity chromatographic separations Computational analysis : BLAST, Vector Nti, Mascott Molecular Biology : cDNA bank genesis, Northern &Southern blots, PCR based cloning strategies, over-expression in heterologous systems Languages ¨ English : read, spoken, written ¨ German : read, spoken, written ¨ French : mother language Personal Development ¨ New England Biolabs workshop in molecular Biology and PCR (2001) ¨ Basic leadership training (2003) ¨ Situational leadership training (2003)


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