2023 prices

German  French € 0.10 € -0.20 password
English  French € 0.10 € -0.20 password
French  English € 0.10 € -0.20 password
French  German € 0.10 € -0.20 password
Proof-reading € 40 per hour
minimum price € 35 How are our translations billed ?

How are our translations billed ?

Our translation rates range from 0.10 to 0.20 euros per word. Why ?

The price for a translation is only evaluated for a specific text. A technical translation will require more research and time as a general text, which will increase the cost. Moreover, certain formats will be harder to work with than others. Urgency of a tranlation will also impacts the rate. If you’d like to know the price for the translation of a specific text, please request a quote

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